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voter id card download with photo | duplicate voter id card download nvsp csc login

Guys if you have a CSC VLE or are a common citizen! And you or someone in your family! Want to create a voter ID of the person! Or, working in the mill’s Voter ID Services with the CSC, people want to provide facilities for amendment in their voter ID card, new application, etc.! So that’s good news for you! Now you can make all these services available to people working in Election Services through your CSC Digital Seva Portal! And you can get an employment opportunity for yourself!

Election Services Started in  Digital Seva

Right now friends, as you know, election services have been made live on the csc digital seva portal! And its work has started, so in this post today we will tell you how you will log in to Election Services from your digital service portal! And how to apply for amendment of voter ID card and new card!

Election Services available on Digital Seva Portal

Friends, there are currently four types of services available on the csc portal! 😆 

  1. New Voter Id Application
  2. Voter Id Deletion (Voter ID deletion)
  3. Voter Id Correction
  4. Verification of Votar Id (Voter ID Verification)

How will CSC VLE Election Service Approval Within 7 Days?

Friends if you are a CSC Vle and you have purchased a PVC Printer for Election Voter Id Printing through CSC itself! So, you are very happy! That you are going to get the Approval of CSC Election Login Portal very quickly compared to other vles! But if for some reason, you have not been approved for it yet! Or have you bought your PVC printer from outside! So by sending a copy of your PVC Printer’s serial and invoice and your CSC ID and Vle details to your CSC District Manager! Can get your approval done quickly!

CSC Election Services Registration Process


  • To start Vle CSC Election Services Registration Process 2020 go to
  • Then log in with your CSC ID And Password
  • Share CSC VLE Detail
  • VLE Now Fill Your Mobile Number

How to see your name in voter list

There are many such people, who face a lot of problems in the event of loss of voter ID for some reason. First of all, we will know how you will get your voter ID card which has been burnt due to any reason.

First of all, with the help of the given website, visit the official website of the voter ID card.

After accessing the website of NVSP PORTAL, portal, click on search in electron role.

New business will open in front of you in new type. Where you can search related information of your Voter Card list, Voter ID card.

You already have Voter ID Card Number i.e. EPIC No, Epic Number! So you can easily find your voter ID card.

In the event of all the information related to the same voter ID card being destroyed, you can see the name in the voter ID card list by filling in your information such as name, age, state, district, assembly constituency.

How to download original voter id card

Download original voter id card by EPIC NO: – To download the original voter ID card, you have to register yourself on the official portal! After registering, you are required to register your voter ID card with the help of e-KYC. If you recently applied for a new voter ID card! Where your mobile number is already entered, then you will not need to do e-KYC {Original voters will be able to download the identity card} on the NVSP portal, NVSP portal. You will be able to download the original voter ID card directly.

How to register yourself on NVSP portal?

First of all, go to the official nvsp registration, portal! And click on the login and register link.

After having access to the portal, you have already registered yourself, then enter the username and password!

Otherwise, you have given the below account, Register as a new user. Click on the link and proceed.

To register yourself in the NVSP portal, register yourself by giving the relevant information which is being sought. After that you login and see the steps ahead.

Services provided to citizens in NVPS portal

  • Fresh Inclusion/Enrollment.
  • Migration to another place.
  • Correction in Personal details.
  • Deletion of Enrollment(Self/Family).
  • Replacement of Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC)
  • Download e-EPIC NEW!
  • e-KYC NEW!

How do Indian citizens apply for their voter ID card?

I am giving all the guidelines related to applying voter ID card below! You will see in a phased manner and by completing the mentioned step, you will also be able to apply for the new voter ID card.

After login to NVSP portal you Fresh Inclusion/Enrollment Have to click

Fresh Inclusion/Enrollment

A new window will open in front of you in a new tab where you Citizenship, Citizenship Will be asked about

Here you have to select your citizenship and select your state in the section below and click on the Next button.

Select your Parliamentry/Assembly Constituency
Select your Parliamentry/Assembly Constituency

2.Date of birth
4.Personal details
5.Additional Information

  • You have to successfully fill the application related 7step, after that you can preview and check all the information on the submission.

Documents required to apply for Voter ID | Documents required to apply for Voter ID

  • Indian passport
  • driving license
  • Bank/Kisan post office current passbook
  • ration card
  • income tax assessment order
  • rent agreement
  • water bill
  • telephone bill
  • electricity bill
  • gas connection bill
  • post later mail India post department

How to convert constituency assembly into voter ID | How to convert assembly into voter ID

How to change constituency in voter ID,To change the constituency in ” Voter ID “, see the steps given below: –

  • First login to NVSP portal!
  •  At the given link Migration to another place, How can you directly open your constituency change form by clicking.
  • Carefully fill all the information sought in this form!
  • After successfully filling the form, submit it.
  • Within 15 or 20 days via SMS or email Voter ID I will give you information that your constituency has changed.

Documents required to change the constituency of voter ID card | Documents required to change the constituency of voter ID card

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Birth Certificate of Applicant
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Indian Passport

All types of documents have to be scanned in advance by the applicant so that there is no problem in uploading.

How to improve voter id card | Voter ID Correction

How to change name, date of birth, father’s name in voter ID | How to change the name, date of birth, father’s name in the voter ID card.

National Voters Service Portal NVSP As soon as you login! NVSP Login , After By SideCorrection in personal detail Voter ID Card, The link is given. You have to click on it. After you clickFormat 8 FormWill swell. Whatever information you have to update. You can improve that information through online from here. In which you will fill the format 8.

What are the changes you can make to the voter ID card | What are the changes you can make to the voter ID card |

You … Yourself Voter IDWhat you can change in the list below, you can see it. You can do this entire work through online and also through offline. In offline, youBLO, BLO Have to contact

  • Applicant Name
  • Photo of applicant
  • Election photo ID number
  • Address correction
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Relative’s name
  • Relationship type
  • Gender

Documents required to change the date of birth in Voter ID card | Documents required to change date of birth in Voter ID card

Birth date correction in voter ID You can provide the following documents to: –

  • Birth certificate
  • Tenth certificate or eighth certificate or fifth certificate
  • Indian passport
  • Pan Card
  • driving license
  • Aadhaar Card By UIDAI

How to download voter id card online | How to download voter ID card online

The voter ID card can be downloaded online by the same person right now Those who had applied for voter ID card And there is a mobile number link with their identity card. But if you do not have a mobile number linked with your election card, there is no need to panic. From 1 February 2021, you can also add a mobile number to your election card through e-KYC.

Download voter ID card

  • Even after that you download voter ID card onlineVoters will be able to download the ID card .
  • Apart from this, you must see all the information mentioned above.
  • In which you essentially have to create your account on NVSP portal.

Download e-EPIC Voter Card

Voters to download ID you first NVSP login Portal, Log in |

Download electronic copy of EPIC Card, Click on

Election Commission Voter ID card: Download PDF
  • You can download the voter ID card in two ways.
  • The first EPIC no, epic number There are others Form Reference no, reference number With the help of |
  • If you already Voter Card EPIC Number, There is an epic number . So type your number and select your state and click on search.
E Epic Voter Card Download Start | Voter Card Download 2021 | E Epic Download
  • Register mobile number with your voter ID card which will be visible to you below.
  • The last 4 digits send OTP, click on it.

Election card But by entering the OTP on the registered mobile number, you click on Verify.

Download electronic copy of EPIC Card
  • After successfully verifying the mobile OTP in the election card , you have to fill the captcha given below.
  •  And Download e-EPIC Have to click on
  • After that you can easily Election card Will be able to download
  • You can use it anywhere by taking a printout.

Voter Helpline App – Election Commission of India

भारत 2021 के वर्तमान चुनाव आयुक्त कौन हैं?

भारत के मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त श्री सुनील अरोड़ा ने फोरम ऑफ इलेक्शन मैनेजमेंट बॉडीज़ ऑफ़ साउथ एशिया (FEMBoSA) के नए अध्यक्ष के रूप में पदभार संभालने के लिए 2020 से, अध्यक्ष श्री के.एम. 24 जनवरी 2020 को नई दिल्ली में आयोजित FEMBoSA की 10 वीं वार्षिक बैठक में बांग्लादेश के सीईसी नुरुल हुदा।

How can I download my voter ID card by EPIC number?

ई-ईपीआईसी डाउनलोड करने के चरण
एनवीएसपी पर रजिस्टर / लॉगिन करें।
ईपीआईसी नंबर या फॉर्म संदर्भ संख्या दर्ज करें।
पंजीकृत मोबाइल नंबर पर भेजे गए ओटीपी को सत्यापित करें।
Download e-EPIC पर क्लिक करें।

How I register my name in voter list?

For voter registration visit Please fill in Form 8 (link for online form) for any change (name, photo, age, EPIC number, address, date of birth, age, relative name, relationship type, gender).

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