Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, today temperature Free Chart

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Seasons in India

Seasons in India:- The Lunisolar Hindu calendar describes six different kinds of seasons in India throughout the year, including the spring: Vasant Ritu, the summer: Grishma Ritu, the monsoon: Varsha Ritu, autumn: Sharad Ritu, pre-winter: Hemant Ritu, and winter: Shishir Ritu. India’s seasons change based on altitude, latitude, and distance from the sea level, each with its own pattern of weather, and with varying hours of daylight.

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People in India and South Asia have been using this Lunisolar Hindu calendar for thousands of years. In India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other countries, ancient Indian calendars are still used for important Hindu festivals and religious occasions; each of these six seasons is divided into two months. Seasons in India,

This article provides detailed information about the cycle of seasons in India.

The types of seasons in India and their months

Vasanta Ritu (Spring Season in India)

Introduction to the Spring Season – Spring is considered one of the best seasons in India during the months of March and April. The average temperature is 32°C during spring. After winter and before summer, spring refers to the season in which the days become longer and the weather warms up, the nights become longer and the days become longer. Seasons in India,

Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, All State

today weather India chart

today weather :- Lent, the Old English word for spring, was known in the 14th century as the “Springing Time” – a reference to when plants “sprung from the ground”. It refers to the seasons as well as ideas such as rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, revival, and rebirth. In the 16th century, it was shortened to “spring-time” and in the 20th century to just “spring”.

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Spring Season’s Importance – (Seasons in India)

Besides the flora, spring also affects the animal world. The whole fauna develops a new skeleton. The human community comes out of the covers of the quilt bed sheet and woollen apparel and begins to dress well. today weather,

It is the festival of Holi and Vasant Panchami which is a symbol of euphoria and new beginnings. Seasons in India,

Spring Season Effects Seasons in India

The season is also very happy for animals and birds. Butterflies hover over flowers, mangoes enchant, birds sing. In today’s urban culture, spring does not bring the same excitement as it did in days gone by. The sound of parrots can be heard in the cage itself. Seasons in India,

Spring occurs when leaves fall, when new leaves appear, when buds open, when butterflies and eyebrows decorate the trees.

In spite of being away from nature, man cannot recognize the fragrance of his own soil, even then the spring will spread its shadow regardless of appreciation.

Season of Summer in India (Grishma Ritu)

The Summer Season: According to the English calendar, summer begins in May and ends in June in India. Summer is the season following spring and before monsoon. The summer season occurs after spring but before autumn. Days are longer and nights are shorter in summer, with an average temperature of 38 °C.

Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, All State Free Chart

Seasons in India – With the start of summer

There are four seasons in India, which occur in their own order and continue to show their influence and importance in nature. Summer occurs after the spring season. Generally, it rises in temperature from March until the end of May and June. Seasons in India,

Following the Indian festival of Holi, the sun’s temperature begins to rise as it moves from the equator toward the Tropic of Cancer. This is a sign that summer has arrived in India.

Effects of the summer season

  • Due to summer’s rising temperatures, the Earth starts to heat up like a pan.
  • The body of every creature starts to overheat with heatstroke.
  • The water in rivers, ponds, and wells starts to evaporate and the water level starts to drop.
  • Animals, birds, and humans all become ill due to the heat.
  • When summer hits, animals seek shade, including snakes, peacocks, tigers, etc.
  • The heat causes them to forget their mutual hatred and rest in a single place.
  • Days become longer and nights shorter because of the effects of summer.
  • Food is not desired in this season.
  • Drinking only cold water becomes the norm, and lying in the cold air becomes more appealing.

It is difficult for the people to leave the house in the summer, to avoid this terrible heat, people go to hills and cold places. People living in places without electricity have a lot of issues. Seasons in India

Seasons in India, Summer season’s importance

In India, all seasons have their own meaning, and the summer season is no exception. Although it causes much discomfort on humans, the crops ripen only in summer. This is a season to enjoy juicy fruits, like watermelon, mangoes, cucumber, litchi, etc. People also enjoy lassi, syrup, ice cream, kulfi, and ice cream. Walking and hiking are popular activities in the summer. Seasons in India,

In summer, rivers, oceans, etc., evaporate, and water goes into the sky in the form of vapour, where clouds are formed. Then it rains. In the same way that heavy rainfall occurs after a period of heavy heat, summer teaches us patience and endurance.

As a conclusion: The summer season has its own special significance. If we can prepare in advance to avoid the negative effects of summer, then we can enjoy the joys of the season to the fullest.

During the summer, we can get much work done since the day at this time is longer. Thus, we can relax ourselves by recreational means to reduce the boredom of our lives.

The rainy season in India (Varsha Ritu):

Introduction to Rain Season: In India, the rainy season is the period between July and August when most of the country receives its average amounts of rainfall. Tourists often use the term ‘green season’ as a synonym. The days are short and the nights are long, the average temperature during summer is 34 °C.

The rainy season in India Varsha Ritu
Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, today temperature Free Chart 8

Arrival of Rain:

The arrival of the rainy season is virtually associated with the monsoon, it is called as the queen of the season. A dark cloud wandering in the sky signals the beginning of the rainy season.

The rainy season is when the earth turns green. All the plants start blowing with a cool breeze. Birds sing melodic songs in the forests, and the fast-flowing waters of rivers and ponds squelch the glory of the rain.

With the glow of the lightning, the black clouds roar over the earth while the white lines of herons look beautiful flying in the sky.

Nature is affected by

Rain has an immediate impact on all of nature. Where the air becomes very pleasant as soon as the rain comes, there is a lot of water in the rivers, drains, and ponds. Farmers go out into the fields with ploughs and trees are covered with new leaves.

Children, men, and women are seen soaking up rain showers while wearing umbrellas or raincoats during festivals such as Nagpanchami, Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc.

A rainy day is important for:

More than 80 percent of our country’s population lives in villages. Due to the lack of improved irrigation facilities, the majority of the villages’ population relies on rainfall.

No production is possible without rain, and crop production is only good when there is enough rainfall. Green grass also feeds animals when the rainfall is good.


  • In nature, life is impossible without rain. Food production cannot occur without rain.
  • Hence, rain is fundamental to our happiness and prosperity.
  • However, excessive rainfall can create devastating floods that destroy the harvest of the fields, causing immense public losses.
  • There are a variety of poisonous insects, snakes, scorpions, etc.
  • that can pose a risk to human life.
  • Flies are known to spread cholera in rain, but rain is an essential part of life.

India’s autumn season (Sharad Ritu)

Introduction to the Autumn Season:

Fall in India is the time of year when the leaves fall off of the trees, and the colours are spectacular. It is also called the autumn season and occurs between September and October.

Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, All State
Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, today temperature Free Chart 9

In autumn, day and night last the same amount of time, and the average temperature is 33°C. After the rainy season, autumn is the season leading up to winter.

Autumn’s effects include:

During autumn, nature is very pure and beautiful. The light of the moonlight of a normal moon engulfs the entire earth, then the earth, the sky, and the pure and cool moonlight are seen everywhere.

Countless stars appear in the sky, looking like flowers blooming in the sky and appearing as if there are countless pearls scattered throughout the sky when the cloudiness is removed from the sky. Some places get a little rain in the autumn.

Autumn is an important season

A sky without clouds looks very beautiful in the autumn seasons in India. All the rivers and ponds become clean and there is no dust or mud on the ground. Wagtail birds and swans also appear in autumn.

As a result of its natural beauty, autumn holds importance in all six months. People are motivated to take on tasks with vigor.

Hemant Ritu: The Pre-Winter Seasons in India

Introduction to pre-winter – In India, the pre-winter season is the time of year when the weather is moderately cold (by Indian standards) and the minimum temperature decreases. It typically lasts from November to December.

Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, All State
Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, today temperature Free Chart 10

Pre-winter season’s importance

  • As ripe yellowish-leaves fall from trees, new leaves emerge which is very important from a natural viewpoint.
  • For trees to compensate for the loss of water, leaves naturally fall from the trees to limit evaporation.
  • Due to the lack of water, the leaves left behind by the trees can adapt to the tree.
  • The growth of new leaves, when old shabby, ripe leaves fall off the trees, allows the trees to grow into their adolescence and increase their life and energy.
  • The fallen leaves create a new layer of soil in the rainy season, so that new plants can grow easily in the new layer of soil.
  • As a result, the temperature of the Sun begins to increase gradually, providing some relief to all living creatures.

As a conclusion

  • Seasons like this emphasize that we must abandon ancient temptations and embrace a new era, message that changes are inevitable.
  • During these seasons, there are many sports competitions that range from local to national and international.
  • Due to the extreme cold, people get soaked in their cheeks and get sick.
  • During this time, diseases like coughing, cold, and asthma start spreading.
  • Due to the cold days, fuel consumption is very high, so people’s work slows down.
  • In this season, there is occasional rainfall, which spoils crops.
  • The crops and vegetables rot in frost and fog, and the moon rises as the sun sets.
  • today temperature

Shishir Ritu’s Winter Seasons in India, today temperature

Introduction to the Winter Season:- India’s winter is the coolest part of the year, today temperature, usually lasting from January through February. The name winter refers to the rain and snow of winter in middle and high latitudes. Winter is the season following pre-winter and before spring, with the average temperature in autumn being 23 °C.

The arrival of winter

The weather at this time of year is affected by air pressure. A high pressure center develops in the northern Himalayas, and from there, the winds flow towards the Indian subcontinent.

Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, All State
Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, today temperature Free Chart 11

As a result of the wind moving in a southerly direction, the temperature in northern India reaches 18 ° C, but the sea proximity and tropical conditions cause the temperature to increase.

The plains of northern India get up to 10 ° C during the day. At night, the temperature drops below 0 ° C. There is often talk of a “cold wave” during this winter season.

Winter season’s importance:

  • Kharif crops are prepared by ripening in the fields before Rabi crops are planted.
  • Rabi crops, wheat gram, and pulses are planted as soon as Kharif crops are grown.
  • This is very good for rabi crops.
  • Indians can enjoy an abundance of fruits, flowers, and vegetables during this season.
  • Coriander and green vegetables along with the rabi crops in the fields enhance the taste of people’s tongues.
  • It is said that this season is beneficial for health since numerous crops like carrots, radish, tomato, peanuts, peas, and cabbage taste wonderful.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins, also increase immunity to disease.
  • Our culture celebrates festivals such as Deepawali, Christmas, and Eid during this season.
  • Everybody is dressed in colourful woollen clothes, sweaters, woolen shawls, coats, and mufflers.
  • The season of cold enjoys lukewarm incense and hot tea, as well as various sports like hockey, kabaddi, kho-kho, football, athletics, and so on.

Winter has its own special meaning in nature. In this form, it is very beautiful and useful.

Seasons in India 2022 type of weather is there in India today weather Free Chart 1
Seasons in India 2022: type of weather is there in India, today temperature Free Chart 12

An explanation of the cycle of seasons (today weather)

In India, the duration and intensity of the seasons change according to some factors such as wind pressure, air currents, cloud formation, deforestation, pollution, today weather, etc.

India’s changing climate is largely reflected in the intensity of weather in the country and in neighbouring areas. Thus, due to the vast geographical area and diverse topography, the weather for India cannot be generalized.

Seasons in India – Summary of Seasons in India

Seasonal changes give people the chance to wear a variety of outfits. Food preferences also change according to the seasons. today weather changes throughout the year provide a good experience for the people; however, extreme weather conditions can sometimes be dangerous. Seasons in India,

India has different types of seasons

  • today weather, India’s winter season (November – February)
  • weather India’s spring season (February – March)
  • India’s summer season (March – May)
  • weather India’s monsoon season (June – September)
  • India’s autumn season (October – November)
  • India’s pre-winter season (Mid October – Mid December)
  • today weather

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FAQ : Seasons in India, today weather

What are the six seasons in India?

According to the Hindu Calendar, there are six types of seasons in India.
spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, pre-winter, and winter.
According to the calendar, they are Vasant (spring), Varsha (monsoon), Grishma (summer), Hemant (pre-winter), and Shita (winter).

What are the different types of seasons?

We have 4 seasons in the world: spring, summer, winter, and autumn. However, seasons are a feature of temperate zones; regions around the equator do not experience seasonal changes.

What are the types of seasons in India?

There are 5 types of seasons in India, including summer, winter, monsoon, autumn, and spring. But, according to the Hindu calendar, there is also a pre-winter season.

Where is India’s coldest place?

It has a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius and is located at a height of 5,755 meters above sea level. After Siachen, the world’s second coldest inhabited place is Dras in Ladakh.

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